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Maha Yoga Institute
Yoga Alliance Teacher/Immersion Training – 200 Hour Honolulu Club

Five Star Rated by graduates!


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April 5th – June 30th

Break: May 14 – May 19

Meeting times:

Tuesday: 6:00pm-8pm

Friday: 5:00pm-9:00pm

Saturday: 4:30pm-9:00pm

Sunday: 2:30pm-6:00pm

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This training has it all! Learning with a master yoga teacher along with a great price & realistic hours.

Most importantly, when you choose Maha Yoga Institute for your training you are choosing EXPERIENCE for your 200 Hour training!

We hold our teacher training programs at a high-end fitness club – the Honolulu Club!

The market is flooded with teacher trainings lately.
What sets Maha Yoga Institute apart from the rest is the depth of experience and expertise that comes from Murti’s 31 years of teaching experience and 18 years of teaching 200 HR teacher trainings/intensives.

Are you looking to simply deepen your own personal practice or are you interested in becoming a teacher? This training is a perfect fit to satisfy both types of yoga practitioners.

Learn how to share the bliss of yoga practice with others!

Great schedule!
Our program has the best meeting times for your work or school schedule with realistic hours mostly the weekends, which is a perfect to fit for your busy lifestyle!


Tuesday: 6:00pm-8pm

Friday: 5:00pm-9:00pm

Saturday: 4:30pm-9:00pm

Sunday: 2:30pm-6:00pm

Price of Training

Pay in full for training and receive a One-Hour private session with Murti!

General Public:


($2,800 after required online registration fee)

Honolulu Club Member:


 ($2,600 after required online registration fee)

Not able to make the full payment?
We have payment programs available!
Make your first payment at the start of training (no later than April 5th), and 2nd one May 10, 2019.

2 Payment Program

General Public:

($1,400 after required online registration fee)

Honolulu Club Member:

 ($1,300 after required online registration fee)


4 Payment Program

General Public:

($2,800 after required online registration fee)

– 4 payments of $700

Honolulu Club Member:

 ($2,600 after required online registration fee)

– 4 payments of $650


Some things to know if choosing the Payment Program option:

  • By choosing the payment program option, you are still agreeing to pay for the entire training.

Fees received for this training are not refundable; however, they may be applied toward a future training, if for some reason applicant is unable to complete this particular training.

Maha Yoga Institute Instructors
Murti Hower and Larina Hawkins-Hower are a husband and wife team who teach and facilitate yoga classes, 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification programs, conscious yoga & dance events and Tantra Partner Yoga for Couples® workshops and retreats. Murti Hower, ERYT500, is a master yoga teacher, well known and respected in Hawaii & Austin, Texas. He has been practicing Hatha Yoga since 1982 and teaching for over 31 years, owning his own studio in Austin, Texas for 12 of those years. Many yoga teachers on Oahu were originally trained by Murti. He credits his main yoga mentor and friend Rodney Yee for his teaching of healing alignment principles. Larina has been practicing yoga since 1994, enjoys facilitating events in yoga and ecstatic dance as well as holding space for couples to connect through yoga.
Her certifications include 200 RYT and Yoga Trance Dance™ with Shiva Rea.

See what our graduates are saying!

“It was obvious from day one of class the love Murti and Larina have for yoga. They have a very honest and pure approach to the practice and transposing to the students so we can appreciate the practice from where it started to what it has evolved to over time. The lineage of yoga is so vast but Murti was able to stay unbiased of each style and communicate what each style has to offer. He was always there to answer any questions we had and was able to do so completely, clearly and concisely. I highly recommend taking this 200ht training to any other aspiring yoga teachers! “
– Scott Pang

I loved taking yoga with Murti and Larina they are an amazing couple and fantastic yoga teachers I have transformed so much since I took their class.
– Yu kei Heacook

“I highly recommend to everyone studying with Murti Hower. He is very knowledgeable about the subject of yoga and very warm, personal and willing to share the skills that he has learned with his students. He always positively encouraged each student to grow at their individual level, and never compared students but helps each student to grow to their best at individual level. His teaching is very inspiring, I am so thankful to be in his class. I highly recommend his class! My review with Maha Yoga Institute is “5” stars with confidence!!!!! Much mahalo and aloha to Murti and Maha Yoga Institute! Namaste for the heart opening, beautiful experience and yoga journey !!!!! It’s absolutely lovey. With deepest gratitude, Namaste! “
– Naomi Sheen

“Murti and Larina were amazing in their ability to share their knowledge and practice of yoga in a way that made me feel not only was I profoundly deepening my journey as a yoga student, but they also gave me the confidence to make the transition to teaching. I cannot put into words how lucky I feel to have found Murti and Larina and to have been able to go through their training. Not only are they both two of the most wonderfully nice and loving people I have ever met, they are incredible teachers with the capacity to train. I can truly say that both of their knowledge, experience and compassion made the experience so enriching and insightful – even if I were to not teach, I feel like the transformations I was able to make not only in my yoga practice but in who I am as a person made the training so worth it. I give the highest rating I can to Maha Yoga Institute and feel so honored to be able to write this review.”
– Merideth Cleary

This was an excellent course and a moving experience.”
Bruce Sherman

I would recommend Murti to anyone looking to take a 200 hour training. He is so knowledgable and was the first Master teacher to bring teacher trainings to Oahu. He takes a lighthearted approach to all of his classes while still maintaining the importance of alignment as taught to him by Master Teacher B.K.S. Iyengar. He is a fruitful blend of Iyengar and Ashtanga as he has also been mentored by Rodney Yee and Shiva Rae. He will teach you the importance of alignment and the history of Yoga, and will give you a deep Ayurvedic background. He also has a chiropractor teach the anatomy portions of his class which are amazing and really give you an understanding of how the body works throughout each asana.
Emily Salcedo Badillo


“Maha Yoga Institute’s course was extremely in-depth, intensive & well-structured, whilst still being hugely enjoyable – and it initiated huge personal growth and awareness for me. Murti gave us such a solid foundation of knowledge of yoga, anatomy & ayurveda, and shared excellent teaching techniques, which gives us wings to develop our individual styles & abilities as teachers. I am s very blessed and lucky to have studied with a teacher of Murti’s caliber and experience – Thank you & Namaste Murti. “
– Pernille Westergaard Davis

“When Murti’s yoga certification course came around, I was thinking about enrolling but was not really sure if it was for me. Murti mentioned it was not only for certification, but to deepen your own yoga practice. He also told me that I would not regret it if I signed on. I decided to take it. From the beginning I realized that I wasn’t even doing the basic poses correctly! This course really helped me improve! You do not need a lot of yoga years under your belt. In fact, if you know very little like it did, it will help you tremendously. I started yoga in February and the course started in April so I was only practicing yoga for less than 3 months. It taught me a LOT about yoga. Not only with the poses but with the history of yoga and with much learning on other things associated with yoga (breath, energy channels, bhandas, body types and personalities, healing, and much more). The single most important thing I learned is that yoga is healing; but if you do not do it correctly, it can harm you. This course teaches you how to do the poses correctly to avoid getting injured. It also gives you alternate ways to work around existing injuries and/or to do them to heal.
The classes are enjoyable. You get to know the people in your class very well. After all, you will be spending 200 hours with them. Murti has an entertaining way when he teaches also. It’s fun while challenging at the same time. Bottom line: As Murti told me…I did not regret signing on!!
Just do it! You will not regret it! I didn’t!”
– K.S., New Student to Yoga


“Having practiced yoga for 14 years, it was time to take my practice deeper. Mainly, I wanted to develop greater knowledge on proper alignment in asanas, or, poses.
Murti’s 200 hr yoga teacher training helped me accomplish this. The importance of having proper alignment in yoga can’t be over-stressed: the true gem uncovered in ones yoga
practice comes from an awareness that yoga poses are meant to ‘open’ the sushumna channel; or, as is revealed by ancient yogic text, to open the main energy channel that runs through the spinal chord…Murti emphasizes that when we practice yoga with proper alignment, as well as with conscious, regulated dynamic movement and pranayama (breathing techniques that help the breath connect to the poses), a deeper inward experience occurs. The para-sympathetic nervous system is activated, which is known to help enter a state of meditation and relates to positive feelings of joy, happiness and compassion and to lower levels of anxiety and other negativity. Throughout the training we also learned about the various kramas, or stages that lead to a peak pose in an asana practice. This is especially important for anyone inspiring to be a yoga instructor so that they have the ability to cater their class to all levels of students. Doing adjustments appropriately was another focus in the training. These serve to assist students reach greater alignment in poses with the spinal chord being the focal point from which the rest of the body extends, elongates and moves.
I appreciate that Murti’s training offered this emphasis as compared to other trainings that may only look at yoga as physical exercise. Yoga is much more and in order to honor its ancient roots and original purpose, it is important to have trainings, such as Murti’s, whose pedagogy centers around the most important principal of yoga: harnessing the sushumna energy along the spine fuels our finest physical, mental, and spiritual development.”
– Alessandra Jann-Jordan, Yoga Practitioner, Intermediate


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We hope you will join us on this exciting journey exploring the art and science of yoga!


Jai Namaste!
Murti & Larina